Betti & Gergő

18th of September, 2021

About Us


Caring, attentive and curious. Loves to sleep in, but after a coffee, there’s no stopping her in exploring new things and places. She’s always burning at a 1000 degrees when spending time with others, but when time allows, she also stops to enjoy the slowly passing time together in calamity.


Might be serious at sight, but a curious and funny kid at heart. Determined and cares deeply, somehow can solve all your problems and has the most comforting hug – every day is a new adventure with him

Our Story

It would be long to share our 6.5 years together, but here are some milestones from our story 🙂

7th of November, 2014

When we became a couple

We’ve met in May 2013 –  Betti was applying to a Special College for Advance studies where Geri was already a team leader, sitting in the admissions committee. Spoiler alert: she got in. 

Being part of the same community allowed us to spend a lot of time together, participate in international student competitions, hang out together and ultimately become friends and fall in love. We’ve never let each other go ever since. 

1st of March, 2017

Our first overseas trip

After spending our first two vacations closer to home (Slovenia and Sicily), we decided to dream big and check out something entirely different – let’s go to Bali! Not being big travelers back then, planning a trip to such a location was exciting enough already, but then experiencing the magic our first vacation outside of Europe was even more memorable for us. We’ve enjoyed it so much that traveling and discovering the world together became our favourite hobby ever since. Bali remained one of the most wonderful places we’ve ever been to.

22nd of June, 2019

We moved to the US

Travelling is for the beginners – why not move to another continent? 

Thanks to our jobs we both had the opportunity to apply to a top MBA and we decided to go big and try the US. Luckily we both got admitted to Kellogg in Chicago/Evanston which is not only one of the best MBA programs in the world, but it is also full of amazing people – some of them we can call true friends now. Small group dinners, parties, NFL and NBA games, musical theater and several trips – we really got everything we could have asked for to enjoy our year to the fullest. Not forgetting about our favourite hobby we took a group trip to Costa Rica, visited Peru, but also discovered the US. We’ve checked out the West coast and “on the way home”, we took an 18-days roadtrip visiting 6 national parks driving from Chicago to LA (Geri driving as Betti still doesn’t have a driving license). Flying home, we got lucky to avoid quarantine and could even bring our car home as the greatest souvenir for life. 

22nd of August, 2020

She said Yes!

Moving back home was not even the biggest event over the summer – as it turned out later. On a sunny and peaceful Saturday, after a nice walk to a viewpoint at Lake Balaton, Geri asked THE question at the lakehouse and he didn’t have to wait too long for the answer. We decided that we want this, us to stay – forever 🙂

Where we've been

Over the years, we have travelled 4 continents and more than 20 countries together. We’ve pinned the most important places for us on the map below – click on the markers to see short galleries of our most cherished memories!

- You're just in time for the best part of the day!
-And what time is that?
-When you and me become we.

Winnie the Pooh

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